Last modified: April 11, 2022

Who is the casino affiliate

Who is the casino affiliate

  • Who is the affiliate
  • The affiliate business model
  • Why you can’t trust affiliates casino ratings
  • Who is in real a player for an affiliate

Who is the casino affiliate

Will start with an important note – we are affiliates today. We’ve been playing a serious part in operating casinos not so long time ago, so we know how it works behind the scene.
We are not trying to discredit any casino affiliate we just want to show you the real truth how the gaming affiliate business works, stay tuned, it is really interesting.

Classic Affiliate is an entrepreneur or a media company that owns a site or network of sites. Affiliates earns commission based on referral models, in other words the affiliate is paid for referring new costumers(players) to various online casinos.

How does it work? Every casino has a referral platform, it is called affiliate program, you can find it on every casino usually on the footer of the casino page, under affiliates or partners label.

The affiliate business model

You already have an idea who is the affiliate. The affiliate recruits new players to specific casinos and the casino rewards the affiliate. How are these rewards calculated is the interesting part.

The rewards are calculated based on player losses, and it can go up to 50% or even 60% of the player losses. So if you lost 1000 eur, an affiliate probably makes 500 eur.This model is called Revenue share model.

Another rewarding model is CPA, a fixed cost for recruiting a new customer (player) to a casino. Average CPA ranges from 100-500 EUR for every client referred, that made a real deposit.

If affiliate prefers revenue share he will be dragged in some deductions and fees that the casino will force the affiliate to contribute. More info below.

Casinos charge affiliates admin fees

The casino run few deductions on the affiliate expense, as processing and games provider fees. If you didn’t know the games are not a property of the casino, the games belongs to the game studio providers, and for every spin the casino pays the game provider a fee between 5-20 %, same goes for payment methods.
These expenses are deducted from the total profit, and lately the affiliates are sharing the cost.

Trust or not trust casino affiliate ratings

While browsing a casino site you see the best casinos, top casinos rankings and ratings, should you believe it? Realy? Not a single word, most of the sites, most of the casino ratings are fake, there is not a single casino that is the best, and if “the best” then question best for who? For players – meaning casino loses, player winning,affiliate loses, so ask yourself what casino an affiliate puts on rating ?Right – the one makes money, which means the one players lose the most.

So should you go for the top? ⚡ Never, read here how to pick a good casino based on real criterias.

So how are these rankings manipulated? The answer is Money, sometimes a lot of money, but there are cases that the criteria is based on performance for example conversion from registration to first deposit, the higher the better numbers overall.

As previously mentioned we are affiliates, that’s the business to find players and refer to casinos. But the difference between us and others that we will not add any ratings, will keep it straight. Will have a catalog of casinos, where you can choose any of the listed casinos.

If you want to switch from player to affiliate, write to us will be glad to guide you through the process and continue our cause of responsible gambling and spread the word about the gaming industry.