Last modified: April 10, 2022

How to check an online casino

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🧐 6 most important things to check before you open an account at any online casinos

Create a separate email for each casino

Creating a separate email is a must for a few reasons, and yes – spam is not the biggest issue here. While picking a casino you have no idea how many brothers or sisters this casino has. And today we will learn how to find it. Every casino has a partner program ( affiliates ) . If you click on Affiliates ( footer menu ) a casino’s business page will open and under brands you will see all the brands operated by the same casino unit. Today almost every second if not every casino brand has another casino label. Why is that important to know? Well sometime you may have a really nice experience and luck on one casino and while trying signing on another casinos they can identify you as a player, and add you specific bet limits, or specific check. While u have it on separate emails the only way to locate you is by ip.
Summarising all: never sign up with the same email on more than one casino.This is good for your safety.

Casino License

Probably the most important if not The most important is the casino license that the casino is operating. Nowadays, the operator (the casino) decides if to pay your winnings or find an excuse (duplicate account, wagering, max bonus…etc). And here the license role is to protect the player interest against the operator(casino). Unfortunately the license representatives are not always so protective, the only way what you as a player can do is write the gaming license, and write on major players forums about your situation, and this way your complaint may be satisfied.
Remember the casino is delaying the release of the winnings counting you will pose all back to the casino. Remember when you win a big amount, set a monthly limit of 1 eur. Therefore the casino will understand that there is no other choice than to pay your winnings.


Casinos must have it’s site in your language, and proper customer support speaking your language fluently. Do not play on english casino if you’re swedish, finish, german or any other language speaker. Doing a 30 seconds checkup of the site should be enough to qualify if the casino is good for you. ( please check all sections of the site, not just the homepage ). If there is a chat application, ask the customer support representative a question in your language and this will be good enough to understand the level of the language.
Remember: you can’t locate your language , look for another casino that is adapted to your language.

Casino Deposit methods

Deposit methods are a very important subject while talking about online casinos. Deposit methods are actually the instrument that you deposit your own money for slots or roulette entertainment. Same as the language, the casino should have on it’s portfolio all major payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, paypal, bitcoin and others.
Don’t bother to open an account with an online casino that doesn’t have your convenient deposit method.

Casino Withdrawal method

Withdrawals are not less important than deposit methods, pay attention on the cash-out methods, before making deposit check carefully if you can withdraw your winning same way you deposited, bitcoin should work on all casinos on deposit and withdrawals, others payment methods differ one from other, and you must check with customer support before making deposit.

Terms& Condition at Casinos

The terms and conditions are your contract with the casino, we advise you to screenshot all the pages, it’s not that hard, this process will take up to 1 min of your time. Sometimes bad casinos may change the terms during a complaint process.

Hopefully this article will make your online casino experience more safe and easy.

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