Last modified: August 5, 2021

Best Affiliate marketing platform

How to find the right affiliate marketing platform?

Affiliate marketing is a high earning avenue in the digital spectrum. However, such a channel takes time to master, requiring significant investment, patience and expertise. Partnering with the right technology can make all the difference in establishing healthy long lasting relationships with affiliates and strengthening a brand.

With the ongoing changes in the dynamic and ever evolving iGaming industry Cellxpert helps iGaming operators keep up with regulatory requirements while improving their affiliate channel profit, automate manual processes and increase efficiency.

Over the years there has been emphasis on the biggest challenges and vulnerabilities of operators and finding resources and technological solutions can be costly and is not always easy to develop or find. Cellxpert has checked all the boxes on what is most important in a tracking solution and have innovatively tailored the solution with these exclusive features:

Compliance & Advanced NGR

It has become more and more crucial to operators to have transparency with their affiliate partners. Having features that can be tailored for their needs and calculate tax per GEO, per brand, admin fees, licensing fees, VAT, platform fees, transaction fees, bonuses offered to players, and more allows for a centralised and organised payment breakdown, builds trust with partners and furthermore saves time.

Risk Mitigation

One of the greatest concerns for gaming operators has always been around suspicious, fraudulent or deceptive behaviour. There are tools offered around this to reduce manual daily work and create reliable alliances with affiliates: Auto quarantine, audit log, customised CPA qualifications lists including wagering volume, GDPR support, fraud detection and high-roller policy.


Reporting plays a key role in performance indicators, scaling, and making business driven decisions. With the benefit of the granular breakdowns and customisable views to obtain insights on various performance trends, intuitive pixel management, player LTV measurements and more – gaming operators can get reliable data and detailed explanations on transactions quickly enabling them to communicate and act with confidence.


The ability to create and serve banners and other such marketing creatives saves money, time and offers great efficiency. The robust ad-server assigns creatives according to affiliate, geo, language and supports HTML 5 banner serving, dynamic tracking, marketing restriction options, control of black listed sites, multi brand management control and more allows operators to gain a competitive advantage.

Since 2008, Cellxpert has gained countless success stories such as, Ellmount Gaming, GoalBet , Boo Casino, GameScale and many more. Providing clarity, transparency and ease of managing affiliate partners with insightful real-time data, this is the platform that can jumpstart your decade!