Last modified: August 5, 2021

Casino white label

🎁 Buy casino white label

If you landed to this page it means you already have a basic understanding of what white label casino is about.

We can help you buy a casino white label with no stress

Most important message we want to deliver here is that not all the white label providers are keen and safe to do business with. Therefore we recommend consulting our white label experts before interacting with any of the casino white label platforms in the gaming industry.

📜Three reasons why consulting with us is a good business decision!

🥇 You will be able to choose from various white label platforms
🥈 Will negotiate for your best platform and provider %’s on the market.
🥉 Huge discounts on the setup deal, full assistance during the whole process.

If you like the idea being consulted by us, but you still want to do it independently we created a set of rules, you must reconsider before moving forward with a white label company.

Search the name of the white label provider

Take in consideration before entering in discussion with a casino white label provider?

  • Research – google the name of the company, the name of the product, the general manager name, executives names, search for -name of the company- + “fraud”, “scam” , “accusations” …etc.

Note: If you show the white label’s commercial guy the complaints you googled – the answer you’ll get “that you can’t keep all the customers happy in the casino business”.
That is true if you refer to players but definitely not relevant in regards to actual white label’s casino clients (owners of the specific casino).

👎 White label company industry complaints

Let’s compare for a moment casino complaints and business complaints.
As a casino you can’t have a clean white reputation. Since casinos exist in this world we observe the same pattern – players win but most of the players lose their money, therefore players forums, and various casino industry blogs are packed with casino complaints from players.

What are the reasons players submit a complaint:
Verification process, Declined payment, Delayed payment, Refund Cancelled, Bonus violation, Bonus refuse, Bonus abuse, Bonus removal, Wrong calculations, Software glitch, Missing funds, Software fairness, Deposit limits, Casino terms violation, Bonus terms violation, Account closure.

As a casino white label platform company any business complaint has a huge impact, on every complaint stands a business, it is not a customer(player) that lost his deposit but a businessman like you, that because of the unfair conditions or situations offered or created by the white label provider.

What are the reasons a business can submit a complaint:
High fees, automatic hidden fees %, huge delays in payments, creating obstacles to slow down the business growth, sharing players data with other customers, disclosing private financial information to other partners, and competitors.

This is why google “white label provider company” research is probably the most important step before you plan approaching a white label provider company . Such research will definitely save and protect your money and at the end you will not have business with a blacklisted gaming business.

☎️ Dealing with white label company – Do it by Phone only

We assume you did your research and now time to contact the white label provider company.

  • Do it by phone – take notes, ask prices over the phone. ( note: commercial agents are sharing confidential info by phone, top partners info, useful information and believe it or not great offers ).

What to ask by phone from the casino white label company?

  • Ask about the company, who is running it, a few good points about their company.
  • How many white label clients they have
  • What are their top white label projects
  • What providers they work with
  • What are the average range of the % fees
  • Any in-house games developed?, and what are the %
  • Setup fees
  • Restricted countries
  • License information

Note:Speak friendly, ask what kind of deal you can get, note the rates on a piece of paper.
(always say you have other options on the table, and you’re decided, u just do the final check).

After collecting this information you are ready to enter the most important part of the process, negotiation with the white label provider.

  • Ask for a white label proposal – After you collected all the info from the agent, ask him to send you a good proposal ( based on your phone friendly discussion talk ), ask for a draft contract, contract that includes the commercials you negotiate by phone. Once you have the contract in hand, put on hold all the process for a week, once you get a follow up email, request a discount of minimum 25% from the setup cost, 10-15% on game providers , and 50% on platform fee provider.

Hopefully this article will help you close a great white label deal, on any stage you can contact us for consulting.

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