Casino refuses to pay out winnings

I won money, what now?

Let’s assume you’re lucky, 18+, and you hit a jackpot, happiness and fun all around. But to win doesn’t mean to actually get the money. Because your winnings are still on your player account and the funds are under the casino control. Remember the winning is yours once the money you won hit your bank account. Up until then the money is totally with the casino, and unfortunately if you get the money or not – depends not on you or anyone but the casino.

Will make you lose your balance, or block your account?

Remember, if you play on small or unlicenced casinos the chances are higher to get scammed. This is why we recommend you to play at serious casinos , these casinos are backed by large companies and sometimes even public companies. Once you hit that Jackpot, every casino will congratulate you, what happens after this is interesting.
The bad-scam casinos will congratulate you as well but at the same time they will start an aggressive campaign, assigning you a vip manager ( trick1 ), offering you high limit slots.
Why they do that is easy – they simply want to empty your balance. But if these scam casinos can’t make you lose your balance they will try another trick. The other and most popular trick is they will refer to the fact that you have violated somehow their terms and conditions and block your account ( trick 2 ) – you right that is happening even if they congratulate you on your legit winning at their casino, silly and not funny.

Here are rules how you can avoid be tricked by the scam casinos

What you need to do once you have won a nice amount of money

1.✅ avoid any contact by phone, email, chat, or live chat on the casino site.
2.✅ make screenshots of your balance, winnings, bet history ,win history, deposit amounts, and very important the whole terms & condition of the casino, including bonuses and all promotions.
3.✅ close the casino for at list 24 h ( we know is hard, but you must do it )
4.✅ after 24 hours, request the withdrawal – check before what are the daily/weekly/monthly limits

Therefore please note, if you win a significant amount, first what you need to do is stop playing.

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